The Biometric System is a Powerful Alternative to the Traditional Paper Lobby

Biometric system Time monitoring and assistance

Real information about the system, such as information about the arrival and departure of employees, as well as providing information about their identity and official information. Official information about the employee, such as appointment, division, change, area, vacation status, payment, etc., can be associated with any type of payroll software to automate the entire procedure.

Biometric Identity Management System

The company focuses on offering “Profitable biometric techniques for companies that focus on high quality, programs and customer satisfaction.” Security, complexity and price are usually the main commercial problems facing the industry these days. The identification management program allows you to use additional solutions, such as Internet service providers, to solve these problems by creating more precise human resources. As systems, as well as ownership, change over time, the effect of the identity management system is expected to increase.

Biometric input control system

Biometric system Singapore access control system: the safest and easiest access control for the existing world. This is a distinctive combination of time and attendance application combined with access control to the door through fingerprint authentication. The real system provides security at the door level where companies require it. Using this biometric system, an organization can provide access only to authorized personnel in certain limited locations.


In addition to increasing security, the program also provides an effective factor in combating theft, theft and sabotage. The program can function as a stand-alone device connected to a computer or network, to generate reviews, as well as to provide consent for the repair area of ​​a remote computer.