Play Poker to Be a Successful Entrepreneur


Millions of people play poker online in website and offline in casinos, not everybody play player to win big at the game. Some just wish to play the poker to socialize with others, opportunity to maximize your winnings, and helps you enhance your commitment towards a game and life. Some entrepreneurs draw parallel with poker and business, you’ll constantly learn and improve with every win and lose in poker.

Here’s a list of benefits you’ll gain by playing poker to enhance your business:

  1. Learn more about your edge over your competitors

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to succeed in business no matter what, a possible reason could be you might not be in the right genre of business. You might be able to be a good businessman only when you know your edge over your competitors. Learn more about what you’re good at and improve the things where you might need a little more improvement.


There are so many things happening at a given time in every poker session, you might have keen observation to figure out the bluffs. It helps you to recognize tells and make proper decisions by observing your opponent’s responses and bluffs. This will help you immensely in your business to learn who might be genuine clients and who are trying to cheat you.

  1. Observe and act wisely

It’s the matter of odds, calculations, and expectations that will fetch you wins in business and poker. Mastery over poker comes with the thousands of hands you play at poker. The same goes with business, combinations of your experience, non-verbal cues, and mathematical calculations will fetch your business grow.

Taking the responsibility of your decisions comes with years of experience and your gut feelings. The number of sessions at the poker table will help you in making better decision to position your business for success in the years to come.

  1. Out of the box thinking

You become very predictable when you follow the same old technique all the time in poker, predictable in poker might make your game vulnerable. The same goes with business models, oftentimes, business requires you to think out of the box day in and day out to come up with unique strategies to be ahead of your competitors.

It’s the robotic style game where you play against the bots without adjusting your game to win a couple of games. You must adjust your hand by perceiving your opponents moves before even it’s made, which will come only when you have played a lot of poker sessions. It’s a given that creative and out of the box thinking will help you edge out your competitors in poker and business.

The aforementioned benefits aren’t the only ones you’ll gain for your business by playing poker, there’s a lot more to learn from the wins and losses from the poker table. Some entrepreneurs take the lessons from the poker table to the boardroom when there’s an economic crisis in their business.

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