Why is semi-permanent nail polish better than your average nail polish? Read these top four advantages.

One of the most sought-after types of nail polish that a lot of women are using as well as the semi-permanent type which for many has a lot of advantages compared to the conventional type of nail polish used to manicure the nails.

In many nail and hair salons, semi-permanent nail polishes are always the most popular choice for many customers because of its durability and longer-lasting color and design that cannot be easily chipped off even in harsh conditions. It can last for two to three weeks according to many.

For many beauty experts, semi-permanent nail polish is very popular because it lasts longer than common nail polish knowing that going to your nail salon is quite hefty especially if the nail polish used in manicuring the nails do not last that long.

If you talk to a nail professional, they will surely sit down with you to talk about the advantages and benefits that you can get in using semi-permanent nail polishes that will have a very long list to discuss, however, in this post, let us talk about the top four advantages that will surely convince you to try this on your next nail polishing session.

There is a lot of conveniences when it comes to using the semi-permanent nail polish or the Pintauñassemipermanentes to women is just simply incomparable, but, before you even visit your nail salon today, the final decision is within yourself.

Prettier than your average nail polish

There is a big difference in terms of the color, coating, and overall impression when it comes to using the semi-permanent nail polish manicure which makes your nails look brighter and vibrant compared to your conventional manicure. The gel color remains bright and vibrant even weeks after you applied it. It is only removed once your nails start to grow. This type of nail polish is very versatile when it comes to the vibrancy of its colors which is perfect to channel your creativity.

Lasts longer on your nails

Your average nail polish only lasts for a week and chipping as well as cracking are very visible a few days after it was applied to your nails. Semi-permanent nail polishes, it lasts for a month with zero damages. It can stay longer if you are less physically active or your nails grow slower than average.

Tough enough to last long

There are a lot of women who complain about the visible cracks and chips on their nails when they use conventional nail polish unlike semi-permanent nail polish which is very durable which is already likened to be scratch, crack and chip-proof making it a wonderful product for women.

Dries quicker than your average nail polish

The semi-permanent nail polish can make your nails dry up quickly because this type of nail polish or manicure is made from substances that are quick drying in nature making your nails dry out right away once it is placed under the ultraviolet or UV lamp to cure it. Women do not have to remain still for several hours to ensure that their nails are completely dried.