What are MIP fund accounting solutions for non-profit organizations

mip fund accounting

MIP fund accounting is meant for nonprofit organizations and Financial technologies and management specialize in selecting, configuring, implementing this MIP fund accounting for numerous organizations since 1999. In the United States, nonprofit organizations choose MIP fund accounting for their organization and there are numerous software’s that help in this type of accounting.

This is the best accounting also for small businesses. If they are looking for the accounting where they want to save the cost on the accounting and don’t want various other unwanted features than this all can be achieved by making use of the mip fund accounting. This is the best accounting for the small companies and they are continuously using it for several years. For more info you can visit: http://www.ftmllc.com/abila-mip-fund-accounting/.

Software solution features of MIP fund accounting:

The basic solution includes:

  • Accounts payable.
  • Budgeting.
  • General ledger.
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts.
  • Export and import of data.
  • Designing custom forms.
  • A/R reporting.

Other modules available:

  • HR module along with Payroll.
  • Allocations.
  • Electronic requisitions.
  • Multicurrency.

You can choose to implement any of the additional modules along with the standard MIP modules for fund accounting. The solution can be designed according to the needs and funding requirement of non-profit organizations. The advantage of this software is that it is available traditionally on-premise as well as on the cloud based on the latest technology. This software solution is completely integrated and inclusive cloud suite so that the non-profit organization need not worry about patches, hardware failure or upgradation. There are regular maintenance, ironclad security and timely backups included in the cloud solution that has surpassed the old standards.

mip fund accounting

Key features of this software:

MIP fund accounting software improves productivity by adding lots of strategic aspects to your work as a finance director. Some key features are:

Flexibility: MIP is completely flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of your accounting, payroll and human capital management. It grows along with your business.

Customized: You get access to an unlimited number of segments in the general ledger to track funds, specific grants, and programs.

Analytics: There are numerous reports that help you to track information which is most crucial for your management, your organization and also to you.

Remain informed: It gives you complete tracking of the budget progress and helps you to make informed decisions regarding your funds, grants, and programs and make it possible to have forward-thinking decisions based on what if scenarios.