Why Is Bitcoin A Lucrative Investment Option?


Cryptocurrency has been existent in the investment market since last nine to ten years. Bitcoin has gained popularity because it is decentralized nature, hence has a potential to revolutionize the world investment and commerce market. It is gaining acceptance as a mode of payment by many large established online retailers like Amazon, Expedia, etc. since it is a cheaper and faster way of doing the transaction.

Few benefits of Bitcoin are as under:

 The chances of third-party seizure are minimal. It is impossible to seize bitcoin because there is multiple copies transaction database. Unlike other options where there is regulation authority or government who have the power to freeze the accounts or take over the assets of the company or individual defaulting, people dealing in Bitcoin as a coinbase have full freedom.


  1. Anonymity is another advantage. Since an alias name does the transaction, there is no way to link this digital currency to the actual user. Transfers are made to address which keep changing with every transaction. Therefore it offers better privacy then alternative currency options.
  1. Faster and cheaper transaction: The transfer fee is meager compared to other currency options, and its value is not correlated to the volume of the deal. Therefore it is a cheaper option for investment. Since there is no verification check done, the sale is swift.
  1. There is no risk of charge backs: The deal is irreversible once done. Once the bitcoin is transferred, ownership address changes in the name of the new owner and he are given a private key which provides him with only the right to change the ownership.