Singapore food – typical dishes of Singapore cuisine

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One of the first things that surprises when we travel to Singapore is the rich variety of flavors that its cuisine has. Reflecting the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country, Singaporean cuisine is based on the mixture of the culinary roots of the different immigrant communities that were installed in the area, immigrants from China, India and Malaysia. Click here for best food tour in singapore.

This makes enjoying this meal one of the best things we can do in Singapore. To give you an idea of ​​the flavors that await you, we leave you with the following information about the food of Singapore and its most typical dishes. Visit this site for best food tour in singapore.

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Singapore food – typical dishes of the Singapore kitchen

As in the rest of Southeast Asian countries, Singaporean food is especially enjoyed in its street stalls. In Singapore, many of these street stalls are located in the famous Hawkers Center (FoodsCourts) or set of restaurants with a common eating area. These Hawkers Centers are one of the emblems of the gastronomy and culture of the country because in them you can try any of the most typical dishes of its cuisine (especially Chinese – Cantonese and Malay). The best of these Hawkers Centers are their cheap prices.

Hawkers Centers and frequented by locals and tourists

  • Maxwell Food Center (Chinatown area – MRT Chinatown)
  • Lau Pa Sat Food Center (financial zone – MRT Raffles Place)
  • MakasuntraGlutons Bay (Harbor area – MRT Esplanade)
  • Tekka Food Center (Little India area – MRT Little India)