Mariyam Dawood

Social responsibility:

Human society wherever it may be needs people with a broader outlook on the fellow human beings. All the money that a person earns from all of his or her businesses can be given back to the society which supports the businesses. The society and the neighbors have a right on the business and therefore the entrepreneurs who are well off such as Maryam Dawood have shown an example by supporting the educational needs of the society in Pakistan. The Aga Khan University is the recipient of this valuable resource.


The philanthropist has been keen on the development of the next generation of the society. This strengthens the society and the individuals who pass out from the university can become such exemplary social activists like her. She is a great example for all those who have the commitment towards the land of their birth.

A must!

The endowments that are offered by this noble lady have helped many students to reach their goals in their lives. She has contributed to the buildings in the university which imparts education especially the centre for innovation in medical education where youngsters from all over the country can learn from benefit from these endowments. Her husband is also a contributor towards this facility. This must have for the whole society where many talented doctors can be produced which in turn will again benefit the society.

Medical wings:

The endowment from Mariyam Dawood has added new hospital wings in the university.