Quality assurance is a process by which a thorough checking of the products and services provided by a company or organization takes place. This process makes sure that the customers get complete quality satisfaction from the products and services. A specific process and systematic manner has to be followed for the process to take place.

It is a routine process that starts right from the manufacturing process. The products and the services used are tested to ensure quality at every step.

Such companies keep a thorough check right from the beginning to the end. Right from the time the concept was established, to getting all the approvals and then followed by manufacturing and packaging, all are controlled by these firms.

These quality assurance companies usually deal with both small and large organizations. By keeping a check on every department their main aim is to maintain the quality of the products and services. All areas like general health, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and natural health products are covered by these companies. Every product and client is special and is dealt in a similar manner so as to provide the best of services. The excellent and on time services provide the clients the success they always wish for.


The aim of the FDA Consultants is to assess the products in terms that they comply with the regulations. They are also involved in preparing the submissions for higher authorities. They also evaluate how much the product is compliant with the label. They also mange any issues coming in the way product recall and also take up the challenges from the competitors. They are also involved in conducting the manufacturing audits. They also take part in clinical trials of the product. Also they provide the much needed training in all areas.


Drugs- these include very simple medicines to the complex one which require a doctor’s prescription.

Natural health products- these range from products that are very good for health and include those products which are made from the natural healthy sources.

Medical devices- such companies provide their service for various medical companies which make use of medical devices. The exceptional services make sure the devices are manufactured in compliance with the standards.

Consumer products- these range from the day today house hold goods like the detergents, cosmetics, toys and food items. The services make sure that these products are quality oriented.

Packaging development- this ranges from the packaging of the product and labeling. The packaging is important as to be sure that the product is safe and packed in a good manner. Also the label and the product has to be in compliance with each other.

Technology- they also deal with production various technologies that make things easy for their customers. Like for example looking for the ingredients of some cosmetics and other products can be done through the use of a particular technology. Such things make sure the customers get the right products.

Thus quality assurance ensures that all the products and services offered by the company would be safe and quality ones and one would get the desired result.