Testosterone Cream for Women – How it works


Did you know that even women require some amount of testosterone for their body for optimal functioning? Testosterone creams can help restore the hormone to acceptable levels in the body and help in leading a normal life. There are a few pharma grade testosterone creams available on the market just for women. The cream approved for women is always suggested by the doctors and medical health practitioners for perusal.

Safety Concerns:

Studies show that these creams are quite effective in normalizing levels even after 10 years of continuous use.  It is also recommended that blood tests be done within the first month of treatment to evaluate testosterone levels in the body. Blood tests also help in regulating dosage if necessary. Patients should consult their doctor before adjusting their dose or quitting.

Minor side effects could include a change in the voice, hair loss and oily skin. This could be an indicator that the dose is high. For more information on possible side effects, read the attached literature.

Testosterone levels in the body with drop within 3 days of stopping.  Since the cream approved for women usually works over a long period, the effects of stopping will be felt only after 2 or 3 weeks.



Precautions to take

Before commencing use of any testosterone cream, doctors recommend a full physical to evaluate hormonal levels.  Once the regimen is started, blood tests are done after 3 weeks to ensure that the cream is working as intended. Doctors can then adjust the dose up or down, based on need.

If a woman seems to have indicators of irregularities in specific tests or has had breast cancer, then testosterone treatment is not recommended. People with chronic kidney or liver problems can use the cream, but only under very strict doctor supervision.


Testosterone cream should be used once daily and results will be evident around 2 – 3 weeks of regular use. The first sign is improved energy levels. Libido improvement is evident after 4 – 8 weeks of use.

Usage recommendation

Testosterone cream does not require a prescription. Even though it is not necessary, it is best to use it under a doctor’s supervision, followed up by regular blood tests.

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