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Steroids are the part and parcel of the human body. These are one of the most abundant components of the body, used in almost all its physiological functions. This ring structured organic compound is present as dietary cholesterol in the body, as sex hormones e.g. testosterone, progesterone, as anti-inflammatory compounds. They are the vital component of the membrane of the cell, helps in maintaining its fluidity. Steroids are even involved in numerous cell signaling pathways. Steroids are often employed

Nowadays these compounds are in heavy demand in the field of bodybuilding and body shaping. These are used illegally by the enthusiastic sportspersons and bodybuilding aficionados to gain weight and develop a muscular fit ripped body. Since the world is changing fast and keeping pace with it has become pretty difficult, steroids are the best shortcuts administered by over-ambitious people’s life to gain a perfect body in less time. Steroids can be consumed in both oral and injectable forms, depending on the ease of the user. A potency chart is a helpful tool which provides information regarding the strengths and efficacies of different types of steroids. It helps to compare oral steroid strength with the injectable steroids.


What is a potency chart?

A potency chart is an information storehouse. It tells you about the drug, its functions, its half-life, and its dose recommendations in adult as well as small children, side-effects and contraindications against use if any. This chart is useful to monitor the fitness cycles of the athletes and bodybuilders who take steroids to achieve perfect endurance, stamina and strength, muscle mass, and a fit and lean body. These charts mainly comprise information regarding Anabolic steroids. The potency charts must be user-friendly so that a layman can understand what impact a steroid can have on his body, by looking at it. It should mention the dose, its milligram concentration strength, time and frequency of taking the drug. All of these pieces of information are mainly characterized on the basis of age and body-mass index of a person. But before taking any steroids, one should know all about his own physiology (any previous diseases or hypersensitivity reactions in the body). For further information and analysis, you should definitely consider a medical opinion so that one can keep the steroid usage on a safer track. You may these potency charts on the internet. But choose your source wisely because not all are reliable.

How to compare these anabolic androgenic Steroids?

The comparison can be made based on the ratings (Anabolic to Androgenic ratio). The base rating is provided to Testosterone as 100/100. All the other steroids are compared with it. It is difficult to find precise information regarding the drug potency. But we must always remember that there is no exponential relation between dose and effect after a limit which if crossed cause adverse side-effects and can even be life-threating. So choose your steroid judiciously considering the injectable and oral steroid strength and potential to attain maximum gains. Read the reviews carefully.