Every person in this world has all rights to look beautiful, sexy and hot and also handsome too. These characters will surely make people look more attractive than others and also it is very likable aspect too. Girls especially are said to be more beautiful than compared to men as it is gods best creation ever. Howhot they are and how they look is the very important aspect which makes people thinks every now and then.

how hot

Hotness is what every individual expect themselves to look and also hotness is what people likely tend to give more importance to others too. Being hot is everyone right and it is very easy for someone as they are born with it but for some people, it is not so easy thing to overcome with as being hot will always include lots of sacrifices and compromises too. These sacrifices and compromises will be done mostly when it comes to food matter and they have to give more importance to being healthy and doing a lot of exercises. how hot is the range which people use to calculate or rate themselves and also others too. These make people feel more confident and also make them surely look great no matter what dress they wear and any costume will beautifully go with them.

Important things which make people look hot:-

The face:-

The face is a primary thing which will attract people and so everyone should give more importance when it comes to their own face. People should make sure they look good and their skin is beautiful and girls should definitely be far from all those cosmetics as they might affect their skin and make them look older.

Longer legs:-

Girls with longer legs look more attractive than the shorter ones and those people with longer legs should make sure they wear perfect dresses which make them look even sexier. So girls should take more care about what type of sandals 0or heels they wear and they should make sure they look gorgeous at the same time they should also feel comfortable.

Height in men:-

In men, the most attractive part will be their height. People with good height and perfect body will surely attract girls in a fraction of second and they tend to look even sexier.

The waist to hip ratio for a perfect body:-

The most attractive part in girls body will be from waist to hip part and being slimmer at this part will definitely make them look younger and perfect no matter what age them and what clothes they prefer.

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