Avenue South Residence

Life is all about living it properly. As the famous saying goes, that some men die at 35 but aren’t buried till 70, also points towards this type of living and lifestyle. Of course, it is at core a philosophical quote, and a deep one at that, but it also refers to how people stop living after a certain age.

In today’s day and age, life and living are all about comfort, casualty, convenience and carefree living. People do not want a stressful environment at home. It Is a place where they can be themselves, whichever form of a person they want to be. People dream of having a beautiful home since they are kids, and when they grow up, they get to see these drams manifest into reality. But as Thanos quotes, “Reality is always disappointing”, we must keep in our minds that reality, can sometimes prove to be fatal to your dreams. But here at Affinity at Seragoon, all dreams truly turn into realistic living spaces, for you and you family.

Affinity in Seragoon strives to present all their residents with the very best of services and units. There are several features that makes Seragoon one of the best residential places in all of Singapore. It is perfect for people of all ages and has over 1012 units in working condition, focused to give the most luxurious life ever. The site and floor planning at Affinity is one of the major reasons for its popularity.

 Avenue South Residence


There are various features of the site and flooring plan of Affinity, all of which makes it a remarkable and fantastic place to live in. Among the site plans, the location of the residential plot is placed in a location which is connected to major expressways and to a theme park, to aid in the commuting of the residents here. You can also find a number of swimming pools, indoor gyms, water gyms, spas, tennis courts, jogging tracks, BBQ pits and amazing restaurants amongst several other facilities present here. It truly helps everyone live a luxurious and spacious life here.

There are different floor plans here at Affinity, for each type of apartment depending on the number of bedrooms and all these plans are available on the internet on their official website that you can easily check out. Affinity at Serangoon floor plan is steady and amazing, adding up to more reasons why you should choose Affinity.