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Today by the help of internet you can achieve anything just by sitting inside your home and all you need to do is buy some hand held devices and a nominal amount of data. The internet space has the ability to connect the entire world with its web and only because of this greatest technical advantaged people are communicating with ease. But the race has gained some speed with the introduction of smart phones in the market.  This has led the people to enjoy a huge amount of comfort that is otherwise not possible with ease.

The entire world is using the social media now and they are even communicating with people abroad only with the help of these instant media. Twitter is found to be the one among many famous social media available now and you can enjoy a great freedom in the twitter. But this does not end with a mere communication tool but you can use it for various different things. So having a decent account in the twitter may be considered as a great strength in this modern world of communication. But your account’s strength is usually defined by the number of followers and likes you get from the people.

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