Hoteliers’ crush on CRS

CRS (literally termed as central reservation system) is used to manage the data of a hotels, inns, holiday resorts or small bed and breakfast which are often home based. But it will be an interesting topic to discuss why hoteliers have such a crush on this hotel booking software.

Reasons behind this crush

Common reason for the love of hotelier on CRS is that it provides a tool to connect with the global distribution system (GDS) along with the internet connection. This saves a good deal of time for the users.

Multimedia content such as images and videos can be managed efficiently with the help of this hotel booking software. You can post a variety of photos and videos that explains the features of your hotel along with the luxury facilities and other entertainment feature offered by you exclusively for your users.


It also offers a communication facility between the property management system and the central database of the CRS system so that data can be sent and received saving time and reducing the petty issues that may arise due to lack of communication between the CRS system’ central database and the PMS.

Report generation is very using this system and you can even produce the account summary of your hotel accountings which may require high human resources with the absence of this software.

It is very cost effective and the profit generated by the initial investment may do well in terms of turn over for your organization.