Pay Your Body after a Workout

You people use your bodies at an utmost level during an event of training or gaming. But do you pay back your body with the lost fluids and other similar substances. Many people definitely say a big no to this question with a happy face. But I want to tell you that your body is not happy with you. It needs a nominal pay aft6er the hard work. Won’t you ask for a salary after a month of hard work and dedication? Then why should not your body?


During such time you can have a sports drink that can boost your energy at the moment you have it. There are many such drinks available in the market. Usually they have a specific formula to restore glycogen content and also boost the protein level.

The Ultragen

The sport drinks need to be taken within half or one hour after the work or training or may be after racing. Ultragen is one such a drink having necessary ingredients to restore your glycogen content. It also provides instant energy upon consumption and has the ability to induce the repair of the muscles. It fuels the muscles that have become tired of workout.

It has a specific formulation of its own including 20 mg of protein and 6 mg of glutamine and 4.5 mg of branched-chain amino acids for each serve. The proteins are capable of taking care of muscles while glutamine can help in the process of glycogen recovery and these amino acids work in the area of fatigue recovery.

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